Domaine Burgundy for sale

Main house, 5 gîtes, studio, chambre d'amis, heated swimming pool

Technical information

All buildings and installations are in an excellent condition and well maintained.


The main house is heated by a high efficiency wood stove and heat pump with air-conditioning units in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, equipped for both heating and cooling.

All gites are equipped with high efficiency wood stoves (excluding gîte 1) and electric heaters.

The studio is equipped with an air-conditioning unit suited for both heating and cooling.


The entire electric installation is renewed and extended. All gîtes have a separate electrical supply and fuse box. All installments are compliant with applicable standards. In all the buildings there are a lot of poweroutlets.

Water pipes

The water piping system is renewed and extended. High quality water is supplied by the municipality and it does not contain chlorine. Water pressure is sufficient and all gîtes have their own lockable supply and electric boiler for the supply of warm water.


The sewerage system is renewed and extended and has a separate drain of toilet and waste water. Both buildings have their own fat-filter included in the sewerage system. Waste water is purified by a new septic tank which is adequate and compliant with applicable standards.

Gas installment

All cooking is gas-powered. Installments are renewed and extended, and gas bottles are stored covered outdoor.


A professional satellite installment with 2 dishes is available. The signal is enforced and routed towards all gîtes by a multiswitch. All gîtes are equipped with flat screen TV’s and a satellite receiver.


Internet is available in all gîtes. Separate WIFI routers provide a strong (wireless) signal in all housing areas. Moreover, the area has a powerful mobile 4G coverage.


During the renovation all window frames and windows are replaced with double glazing windows, incuding all outside doors (except a few renovated front doors).  

All original walls are thick, around 50 cm. All outside walls are insulated with additional walls consisting of a plasterboard front and 6 cm of polyurethane insulation. These walls have a smooth crepi finish. Polyurethane is used because of the high insulation value and because of the protection against rodents. Similar insulation is applied to all rooftops. Because of all these insulation measures all indoor areas have a comfortable climate with no frost during the winter and low heating costs.  

All 'en pierre' interior walls are restored in the traditional way.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is built by the company Desjoyaux. Around  the pool is a paved terrace placed on a reinforced concrete floor. The swimming pool is fenced and lockable and therewith compliant with applicable standards.

An outdoor shower with hot and cold water is located next to the pool. The pool is heated using solar panels and therefore comfortable from May to October. All technical installations contain control units, heat exchanger, automatic chlorine and PH controlunit  and boiler are located in the adjacent pool house. The pool house also houses the furniture and robot vacuum cleaner. Shade sails cover the terrace surrounding the pool.

Drainage cour

The cave and the two original buildings both have a drainage system.

Floor plans








Building 1

Building 2

Building 1

Main house   ground floor 58 m2

Main house   floor 58 m2

Main house   mezzanine 15 m2

Common room 26 m2

Chambre d'amis 25 m2


Gîte 1 ground floor 32 m2

Gîte 1 floor 32 m2



    Gîte 2 ground floor 35 m2

Gîte 2 floor 35 m2


Building 2


Gîte 3 ground floor 24 m2

Gîte 3 floor 33 m2



Gîte 4 ground floor 40 m2

Gîte 4 floor 36 m2


Gîte 5  75 m2

Studio 71 m2